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[?$] How much should be these things cost
Note!: I'm currently looking only price.

  • Advanced Complex Tournament Elo System Plugin: More info with PM
  • OUGC Awards some modifications: Award packs: when mod or admin awards specific type award, award should be "open" and user got random award what selected to this pack. Tasks to request award.
  • Event threads: Example, but little bit different design.
  • Custom Theme
  • Promotion Quiz System: User submit quiz, then it's go to Reviewing CP, when reviewed and when everything not OK, quiz go back to user and user need make fixes. When all is OK, user get promotion to higher usergroup.
  • Giveaways Plugin: Collect all users who posted in giveaway thread at once and select one of these (random).
Again, I'm not want to buy them now. Only price, how much these should be cost.

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[?$] How much should be these things cost - by ks1001 - 2019-06-09, 04:05 PM

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