Not Solved [Security] CHMOD Issues? Unable To Change To CHMOD 644 or 744
Not Solved
Before I start... I am currently using a VPS setup. For more info, go HERE.

As I was reading through some of the threads and the MyBB docs, it was recommended to change all folders/files to CHMOD 644. 
(except for the ../uploads/avatars - that is/was always at CHMOD 777)

This morning, I had changed all folders/files to CHMOD 644 through my FTP program.

After that was completed, my attempt to log into my website resulted in a 500 page error. 

After that failure, I changed the CHMOD to 744 to make the website work. That did not work, I still got the 500 page error.

So, I changed the CHMOD to 777 and now the website is working.

Why can't I change the CHMOD to 644 to provide extra security?

Is it because I am using VPS instead of shared hosting? Or is it something else?

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