Solved: 2 Years, 6 Months, 3 Weeks ago SCEditor Issues and Resolutions [1.8.21 upgrade]
Solved: 2 Years, 6 Months, 3 Weeks ago
This has been outlined in the comments in committed PR, but since users are still facing trouble; here is a more stepped, elaborated version of the todo you need to follow right after upgrading your site to 1.8.21.
  1. Delete the entire old folder sceditor, located under jscripts folder. (This is not a mandatory step, but recommended as the problem can happen what OP indicating if old files loaded, that will confuse and make troubleshoot harder) and upload the fresh sceditor folder from latest package.
  2. Since the code structure has been changed you need to revert the codebuttons template to default (located under Ungrouped Templates group) for every single theme you have installed and available.
  3. Open the theme settings (ACP > Templates & Style > Themes > [theme name]), find the dropdown called Editor Style, pick a style and apply. Please note here that if you were using MyBB as style earlier, you need to reselect the style and reapply. This will overwrite the old settings for your theme in database. You need to do this step for every single theme you have installed and available.

What happens if not done / what changed there? 
  • The BBCode was earlier implemented as plugin with SCEditor, now its format. So, not reverting that will lead you to having HTML output throughout the posts / signatures and wherever editor is used. Please also note that if you already faced HTML output issue and reverted codebuttons template default on a later stage: all the newly created posts will be fine but old posts showing HTML will not be magically fixed as they are already parsed and saved in database that way. In that case the old defective posts need to be manually edited.
  • The SCEditor-MyBB bridge javascript file (bbcodes_sceditor.js) has been re-written to make it compatible with latest jQuery library and as per latest SCEditor specifications. So, the bridge is linked through codebuttonstemplate with a version bump. If version bump is not there your browser may load the old bridge from local cache and that will break the editor.
  • There are significant changes in core paths of latest SCEditor which are reflected in codebuttonstemplate. Having the old template in place; the system will find the required supporting files in old paths, and if not found the editor will break, if found (in case you didn't follow step 1) the editor will start behaving weird and will confuse you how to fix the issues.
  • With the upgrade of version 2, SCEditor has introduced several backward incompatible changes, a major among those is the theme / styling of the editor. SCEditor is now using Flexbox as backbone of the editor frontend and that leads all the old editor styles to be invalidated.In order to fix some issues around re-sizing and resizing the editor in a hidden parent, the theme has been updated to use flex-box. Old themes will need to be updated to the new CSS and HTML in order to work.We have updated the available themes to work with latest SCEditor. However if you have custom styles for your theme you need to recode it for the above-mentioned change.
  • For advanced vector icon usage (the monocons users, specifically: that has been splitted from styles and introduced as icon system) please refer PR Comment.
Last but not least:

[*]SCEditor is a trouble for us since days. It is not like we are trying to introduce new bugs with our experiments but the fact is we have updated the SCEditor package to latest alongwith jQuery library to latest with a hope that everything will be improved. We have tested the implementation for like couple of months and invited open testing from community. The problem which our users are facing is occuring simply because of not following the important notes outlined in the release note / PR.

[*]We always want to provide best user experience but if the third party package in question always introduce new issues with the name of improvement then there is very less options remain in our hand other than regretting the decision of choosing the package and try to find a better alternative which we are already up to. If you are not happy we are also not, please bear with us for what is out of our control at this stage.

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