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(2019-08-31, 07:44 AM)Ray2 Wrote: Hi
As the subject says, some icons are missing on the forum for FA5Dark-theme as you can see here:
I´ve checked the image path and it seems ok. 
Any ideas here why the forum icons ain´t showing up?

Also icons on profile page is missing.

The image path is not relevant because we do not deal with the standard mybb image path as bogging down the default images directory is not and has never been optimal, so I do not use the images directory period for such. The problem you are having is because your font-awesome library is not loading thus most likely the directory was not uploaded correctly.

Ie: yourforum/themes/fa5dark

[Image: Screenshot-20190902-170242.png]
* for this example say as you can see my forum is housed inside a directory called "mybb" with forum root being "community" thus inside that is a directiry called "themes" and inside that is all the files for fa5dark theme contained within a directory called "fa5dark"

The pkg is setup with correct directory structure so as to avoid any confusion with this. Just like when you download mybb dist pkg you have "Upload" = to your forum root directory, if this confusing rename upload to your forum roit directory name and then ftp the correct directory structure to place your files where they actually belong, thus correcting your issue. Best of luck.  Cool

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