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(2019-09-03, 05:42 AM)Ray2 Wrote: Hi and thanks for you answer.
Ah, I see now. But even if I set the path to /public_html/themes/FA5Dark no icons shows up.
Or is that path still wrong? That is from the FTP path structure I have.

Set the path? As in set the path in theme settings? That is not required and the only concern you should have abouth path is uploading the files in correct directory structure via file transfer protocol. If the theme cannot find the fontawesome5 folder housed in yourforumroot/themes/fa5dark then of course you will experience a failure to load font awesome icons as your image clearly shows is the current case. The theme headerinclude call is looking for this directory...yourforumroot/themes/fa5dark/fontawesome5 and said files contained within and without that your fontawesome icons will not load period. Note: do not edit image path in theme settings at all.

Anyhoo, hopefully you got it sorted. Infortunately I will no longer be offering any support for anything and have shutdown all mybb related projects so even this theme will no longer be available nor support be provided. Thanks for your interest. Best of luck.

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