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[For 1.8] Live Cryptocurrency Prices - Display live cryptocurrency prices
(2019-09-30, 05:16 PM)Synx Wrote:
(2019-09-30, 01:48 AM)Serpius Wrote:
(2019-09-29, 02:16 PM)Synx Wrote:
(2019-09-29, 01:17 PM)Serpius Wrote:
(2019-09-29, 10:37 AM)Synx Wrote: It's from's ticker you can find here: - It simply grabs all the cryptocurrencies they offer and displays the USD value.

I have had some issues with CoinMarketCap with rate limiting, hence why I used - I will create a new one with CoinMarketCap if there are any requests for it.

Ok, if is doing the job, then leave it as is for now. 

I will wait for the new version of this plugin to come out to test it out.

It should have the settings in the latest version.

Ok, I have installed this plugin... but I realized something...

What is the output page supposed to be called? 

I tried mywebsite/cryptocurrency.php, but that didn't work. 

I could not find any instructions on how to make an output page for this plugin.

It is a sidebar on the right side on the index.
Normally it would automatically add this for you, if this didn't happen then add the variable {$cryptocurrency} in the index template at the position you would like.

Well, here's the odd thing...

I have 3 themes on my website... one is the MyBB default (it was colorized, but otherwise identical to the original) and 2 customized themes.

In the 1st screenshot, you will see the result of the installation and the output of the plugin in one of the custom themes.

In the 2nd screenshot, you will see the MyBB default theme and again, it shows the blank column.

I think I could be wrong, that you are assuming that themes will not have the Latest Posts sidebar in the theme, thus inserting a sidebar for the Live Cryptocurrency Prices. I think a different approach would be enabling the admin to determine if a separate page is needed for the Live Cryptocurrency Price plugin, or if an admin is using a theme that does not have a sidebar, then allows them to use it. 

But here's the thing... there may be some admins that do not want a sidebar put in regardless if the theme has one or not. 

Give them the option to either do one of two things... add a sidebar or create a new webpage for it.

The plugin should be coded to do one or the other, but not both.

Just my two cents. 

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