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[For 1.8] Live Cryptocurrency Prices - Display live cryptocurrency prices
(2019-10-01, 10:09 AM)Serpius Wrote: The sidebar method will not work as I already have mentioned this in post #12. Re-read that post again, please.

Firstly, I'm not an idiot, I did read your post. Repeatedly.

Secondly, implying that I did not read your post is insulting.

Thirdly, given the part of your post which I quoted, it looks like you're expecting a plugin author to do your job for you. Which is absolutely not on. You, as a webmaster, should at least know how to do some code. Then come back when you have issues. I would at least consider the possibility* it's an issue with your theme.

* and before you start, I am not ruling it down to being that, but I know you run a dark website.

See, plugins are not a one-size-fits-all. This is a community plugin, not a custom one. Which means that you're going to possibly need to fiddle with it a bit before it works 100%. This is expected. Especially on a custom theme. Plugin devs can't be expected to know every forums' configuration. It's just not possible.

Edit; Removed overquoting

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