Not Solved CDN integration without uploads
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(2019-11-17, 07:31 AM)bijumk1 Wrote:
(2019-11-17, 04:40 AM)Michael2014 Wrote: This is myBB, these forums are equipped to hold millions of posts, even on basic hosting at 3 per month, I'm not sure what you are trying to accomplish but sounds complicated, help me out here.
Hi Michael

Thank you very much for trying to help me..

I had gone through the Mybb CDN integration guide available at and trying to integrate it to my forum with keycdn as the CDN provider, but I want to serve the uploads files from my webserver itself as it amounts to about 50GB traffic everyday and moving that to CDN will be a very costly affair. So I'm seeking help to move


directories to CDN and uploads/* will stay in the server.

see of this helps ::
[Tutorial] How to fully integrate your CDN to work with MyBB (MaxCDN)
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