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(2020-05-20, 06:39 PM)RocketFoot Wrote: @svepu

I installed a new theme called Clean Pro and the news ticker does not display correctly...I can't figure out why.  It is using cawm template from global templates but it looks different than my original theme.  See screen shots below:

Second is the new theme with messed up ticker!

[Image: Screen-Hunter-666-May-20-14-27.jpg]

Any ideas why this is happening an how can I fix it?

.zip (Size: 18.01 KB / Downloads: 34)   * 1.4 variant: a customized version of my last 1.3 version found here via repo simply done up for user wanting a news ticker and such to work with clean-pro theme ** note I only included english and englishgb localization in this variant as my time was limited and existing plugin localizations from 1.3 would need to modified for additional settings and text changes I made..., also note clean pro uses font awesome 4.7 so the previous edits shared here would have to compensate for the diff between fa4 and fa5, but alas, this lil plugin edit is specific for installation on clean-pro with the additions you sought Wink


[Image: Board-Settings-Cool-Announcements-with-M...ttings.png]

[Image: Forums.png]

[Image: Forums-1.png]

.zip (Size: 24.5 KB / Downloads: 33) *1.4.1 variant: this is simply the same 1.4 variant as above but simply further edited to add scroll amount inputs in settings rather than still having to edit the plugin file for scroll amounts as one would have to do previously if desired...

Settings preview:

[Image: Board-Settings-Cool-Announcements-with-M...ings-1.png]

Both variant can be found here also:

While the previous plugin edits are simply edits of my 1.3 plugin version and focused say on working in these & along with other edits and additions the two plugin variants above do not focus on your last shared snippet that you were using...., so since I had a little bit of free time let us do that in a plugin of its own to use what you were talking about via &

Mkay, as I did not want to keep making variants of the existing plugin here is a separate plugin specifically focused on those snippets and the usage of clean-pro as you were mentioning such

New separate plugin:

.zip (Size: 215.05 KB / Downloads: 34) * use this plugin instead to use your latest snippet as a plugin of it's own for your own usage with clean-pro theme  ** as I did not have much free time I only provided english and englishgb localization files currently for this one *** repo for this is found at:


[Image: Settings.png]

[Image: Forums-1.png]

[Image: Forums-2.png]

[Image: Forums-4.png]

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