Not Solved Public ban reason 2 php warnings how to fix
Not Solved

Developer here, just stumbled upon this. This is a very old plugin. It still works on my forum, but these warnings may display on certain servers due to varying server settings, PHP versions, and so forth. 

Some of Public Ban's features have since been added to MyBB core, but I'll try to do an updated version in May once my schedule frees up (I'll try to add a couple of improvements along with it). In the meantime, there is one quick fix that can at least silence the warning. This should get the plugin working on your server configuration in the meantime. Smile

Add the following to the /inc/plugins/publicban.php file, on line 2 (immediately after the opening <?php tag):


Verify that the ban reason displays in the signature after this is done, and you should be good to go!

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