Solved: 1 Year, 11 Months, 1 Week ago How do you edit the width of the Get More Smilies Pop-Up?
Solved: 1 Year, 11 Months, 1 Week ago
I just tested deleting all the code for modal from the iGame skin.  It had zero affect on the pop-up, and loaded the same with the longer horizontal scroll bar as it did when the modal code was there.  Can anyone give me a hint of where to look for width values instead?  I saw in support for an early version this code was included in editor.js, but that was phased out before this skin was released as far as I can tell.

Quote:For this issue, how does the smilies look when you select them from the editor button ? If it looks acceptable there, then you can consider removing the smileinserter from all templates that have them. It's a better solution than changing the modal width and more mobile friendly.

I'm sorry,  don't know what you mean by editor button.  Do you mean the panel on the side of the post box?  That is fine and looks like this:


But I currently have about 150 smilies installed and wanted to install even more.  I'm trying to migrate to MyBB with a previous community that had a lot of smilies and liked using them, so the panel on the left won't be adequate for our needs without the pop-up.

Quote:It's not recommended to use outdated themes, you will be asking support questions here forever.

Understood, and I apologize.  I tried some other skins, and they did not work with DVZ shoutbox like this one did.  I've been working on creating variants of this skin for about a month now.  This is the first serious issue I've ran into.  Would like to not lose that work, but I guess I'll see how this turns out.  I assumed the skin would be okay since it was updated last year.

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