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Not Solved [General] Did something with templates. Need some assistance
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(2019-12-18, 05:58 PM)makpaolo Wrote: (...) and when I was done in the “Template Name” box I typed “showthread” (I thought this would lead me to the template) and (...)

By doing so, you're just submitting current content in the input textbox to the showthread template upon clicking either save button. That's indeed confusing and MyBB should make this "Template Name" input field disabled for editing.

(2019-12-18, 05:58 PM)makpaolo Wrote: What should I do next to getting my showthread pages to be normal? Thanks!

The former content of your showthread template is overwritten with the content you've submitted, so basically there might be no way for you to find it back from your current database.

If you haven't made any modification to the showthread template before this "edit by mistake", copy the content of this specific template from your theme installation file. Either a published theme or MyBB's default theme has a xml file for installation.

Or if you have a database backup before this "edit by mistake", you could recover this template's contents from that backup.

Otherwise, there's no more direct way for recovery, and maybe you could copy the content of this template from MyBB default theme then modify and adapt it to your existing theme/template.
Could be wrong but worth a try.
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