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Not Solved [General] Did something with templates. Need some assistance
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(2019-12-18, 06:45 PM)makpaolo Wrote:
(2019-12-18, 06:29 PM)noyle Wrote: If you haven't made any modification to the showthread template before this "edit by mistake", copy the content of this specific template from your theme installation file. Either a published theme or MyBB's default theme has a xml file for installation.

I'm a little confused what you mean by this.
There was modification to the showthread template, but I still have the XML file for the theme (there weren't too many edits specifically with showthread template, but CSS wise there has been a lot of editing)

My showthread template still has the original content, but it seems like the showthread_newthread takes control over that template or something.

Huh I've no idea why the actual page is wrong if the showthread template is still having the original content.

If I understand you correctly, the content of the showthread template should be the same as showthread_newthread's, either from AdminCP's template editing or from the forum's front-end. If this is the case, open that xml file, search for <template name="showthread", copy the content between <template name="showthread" version="18xx"><![CDATA[ and ]]></template> (don't cross other following templates) and replace the wrong content in current showthread template and save.
Could be wrong but worth a try.
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