Not Solved 1054 - Unknown column - migration tool
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(2020-01-07, 10:07 AM)prouddaughter Wrote: Thanks so much for your quick reply. Sorry about placing this in the wrong section. Newbie mistake. It's been a rough three-fours days, trying to get my IPBoard going again, while searching for new software. Gave up on restoring the IPBoard, and now just concentrating on starting anew with MyBB. Will work this out. Minor hitch.
Running the Merge System for converting your old board database doesn't require setting up the old board. What the Merge System needs is just relevant access privilege to the old database. See this document:

There might be some glitches during converting IPB boards to MyBB, search this forum to see if there's any solution to them. Anyway, you may just post the problem here.
Could be wrong but worth a try.

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