is there a way to block access to a path
Well. By decrypting the strings on my program they can check the location of my file. They could also use software similar to Wireshark and fiddler to get https request and then see in what location my file is hosted at. 

as an answer if I want to block access to a file or folder. Well, I want to block access to a specific file, but the file will be in a randomly named folder so I would have to block access to the actual folder and not only the file. Also thanks for the post. Will check it out! Sorry for my bad English. trying my best ;D

(2020-01-25, 03:53 AM)Ben Cousins Wrote: Easily? You can’t. It can’t be achieved with a plug-in as it isn’t a code thing, it’s a server thing. And if you start randomly blocking access to things other things will break.
Well, i don't see how things would break. It's not like I will block access to random folders. Also I found a way to block access for everyone but my program. i'm using a custom user agent string. Unless you get the user agent string you can't access my file :3

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