Not Solved After merge I cannot find posts and threads
Not Solved
I am trying to bring vBulletin 4 forum into MyBB.
The MyBB version is 1.8 and the merge version is the latest.
All went fine with the merge but when I go to the new MyBB forum there is nothing there in the forums except the titles.
I get this message when I click any of the forum titles:

Sorry, but the forum you are currently viewing does not contain any child forums.

I do have all my private messages.
Not sure where everything else has gone and would appreciate some experienced help with this as I'm pretty much a newbie at this.

Okay, doing admin CP> Forums and Posts> Manage Forums then changing from categories to forums will get it listed as a forum. Choosing the default MyBB 'My Forum as a parent will get the posts. Phew!

But I can see some of the posts have things like this:

[h=1]The Campaign to Exterminate Muslims - by Chris Hedges[/h]

and this

“If iat the beginning and end of some sentences ”

and this


I'm sure it is a setting somewhere but not sure what it is or where to find it.

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