Table Based Design and Responsiveness
I've been working for the past couple of years to make the theme for my website responsive. It's been a massive undertaking that has required basically a page-by-page teardown of the templates and a restructuring of them. I've found that most pages can be made responsive just by adjusting the width and wrap settings, collapsing certain columns of the tables, and so forth. Other pages are not even possible to make responsive with table based designs (without, of course, the use of some CSS table tricks, but these bring their own problems). In any case, it's nowhere near complete. 

I've always believed it's the user experience that counts (regardless of whether you use divs or tables). Ideally, a DIV based approach is certainly the way to go, but doing so would require a ground-up rewrite of MyBB's templates, so I've been taking a page-by-page approach and have been attempting to do what's best for each individual page.

For the more experienced developers out there, what has been your approach when handling responsive designs? Is it an absolute must to use a DIV based design over a table based design? Mostly looking for pointers from designers that have done this before. Angel

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