Table Based Design and Responsiveness
Thank you for the pointers. I love your theme by the way. It looks very unique and is very well done on mobile. (Tried it on an iPhone 8. Worked perfectly).

I've been "cheating" on some of the pages by having two versions of certain columns, divs, etc. One gets displayed and the other one gets hidden, depending on the width of the viewing device. It has worked well for some pages and has prevented me from having to do a complete teardown of the tables, but on other pages (pretty much anything with a two column layout), I've been having to tear it out and redo it. The profile would seeminly be one of the simpler ones to do, but it's one of the pages that is pretty much completely impossible to do with tables.

And yet there are other pages that require absolutely zero modifications whatsoever (the help page, for example), and the forum display/threadlist pages just require collapsing some columns into single columns instead. The user CP/PM/newthread pages have been much more challenging.

Honestly, it would be a godsend if some sort of responsive "skeleton theme" existed for theme developers to base their themes on. If a redistributable, modifiable theme existed with a responsive base, I have a feeling we'd see a lot more responsive themes for MyBB. Of course, most of these themes are open source so there's technically nothing preventing someone from doing it with an existing theme, but it would be frowned upon.

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