[For 1.8] Smiles on shoutbox [Easy fix]
Do not want to bash on Masterly, but in comparison with his tutorial, this is real easy.
You can find his tutorial here.


You are basically re-using the smiley insert that MyBB made. 

Step 1:
Open the appropriate template which is in this case:
Templates & Style -> Templates -> Global -> dvz_shoutbox

Step 2:
After this part:

Add this code:
<a href="javascript:void(0)" onclick="MyBB.popupWindow('/misc.php?action=smilies&amp;popup=true&amp;editor=MyBBEditor&amp;modal=1'); return false;">Emojis</a>

Step 3:
Save your template, f5 and you are ready to go.

If you need help or assistance, you can tweet me at @Perileos 
My help/assistance is free as long as you can respect me and my time. 

Kind regards,
A. Longbeach

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