Solved: 1 Year, 6 Months ago System Mail Not Working - No Logs Either
Solved: 1 Year, 6 Months ago
  • Detailed description of your problem, including steps to reproduce if necessary
For example, a user has forgotten their password and clicks "Lost your password?", inserts a correct email address, but the page simply refreshes. There will be no error in the System Mail Log and all of my settings for outgoing mail is unchanged and correct after assistance from my host just in case.

I had previously used PHP mail with no issues (including the PHP test provided in the MyBB documentation). I did try an SMTP configuration and had the settings confirmed to be correct and working by my hosts just in case. This also didn't work.
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  • New installation or upgrade (from which version of MyBB)?
1.8.22 - Recently upgraded to .22 but the emails are not relevant to the upgrade. They weren't working before either.
  • Test user account (if it requires additional permissions)
Happy to provide a test account via PM.
  • Screenshot or error text, verbatim
For what I can see, there is no physical log that the error is occurring. It's just a known fact of my configuration at the moment that Lost Password and emails such as thread subscriptions are not being sent.

Thankyou in advance!

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