[Services Request] Stock/Crypto Writers
Are you an avid writer and like trading stock or cryptocurrencies? My forum is looking for talented writers that can submit genuine, 150-minimum word articles related to stocks and crypto trading. 

This is a perfect example of what I'm looking for.

Here's the specifics:
  • I have a list of 10 specific stocks to focus on every week
  • Submissions must be genuine or well re-written, in English, and 150 words minimum
  • 5 submissions weekly to stay on the payroll 
  • Recurring payments every Friday via PayPal or CashApp. Negotiable per applicant.
Sometimes I won't accept a submission to count toward your weekly progress. You have the right to have it removed from my site and from ever being used if you want to, but if your post is accepted you'll be compensated and it'll be under the ownership of my forum.

All your content will be published on https://chartclub.net 

Interested in what you see? Let's chat.

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