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[For 1.8] MyConversations: a conversation plugin for MyBB
Nicolas, thank you so much for purchasing MyConversations, and I am so sorry for that download failure. Worst case scenario, I can simply email the file to you, so, don't worry: no matter what, you will get what you paid for. I can confirm that my records show that you have purchased the plugin, so there is no question of, and I do not dispute, your entitlement to it.

I would very much like to debug what's gone wrong though. My records show that you have attempted to download the file 4 times. I have just attempted to download it myself using your credentials via the Firefox browser and was successful. If you are willing to try to work through a debugging process with me, either here in this thread or privately, please let me know. Otherwise, I will simply email you the file and we will have to hope for the best for find a similar way to get to you the future MyConversations upgrades to which you are entitled without further cost.

I have sent this message to you via email too so you can choose which medium you prefer to respond by.

Once again, thank you for your purchase.

Best wishes,

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