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[For 1.8] MyConversations: a conversation plugin for MyBB
Thanks - have responded to your email. AdBlock seems a plausible candidate, but I'm sure we'll ferret it out whatever it is.

For those following along: we didn't end up working out what the problem was (it wasn't AdBlock), but in the end Nicolas seemed to think it had something to do with his home network, which also gave him trouble downloading from another developer's website - when he tried downloading via 4G on his phone instead, the download succeeded, so he now has his file.

[Edit of 2021-09-05] A belated update on this: when another purchaser had the same problem, I dug in and discovered that the cause was some custom anti-referrer-spam code that I'd had on my site for a long time. MyConversations purchasers were in some cases mistakenly being tagged as spammers, which blocked the download. Rather than trying to fix that very delicate code, I simply disabled it. No, you shouldn't now feel free to spam with referrer spam. Yes, you should now feel confident that you will be able to download MyConversations after purchasing it.

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