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[For 1.8] MyConversations: a conversation plugin for MyBB
(2021-04-19, 05:32 PM)HLFadmin Wrote: Some questions:

What does the migration tool do? Does MyConversations create a conversation from existing PMs and retain the old PMs?

Yes, exactly. It creates a MyConversations conversation from each exchange of PMs that have the same subject (taking into account a preceding "Re: ") and set of participants, and then for each PM in that conversation (really, a set of PMs themselves, since a separate copy of each PM is stored for each participant), it creates a MyConversations message which links back to the original (set of) PM(s), without altering anything about the original PM table.

From then on, when conversations are created, they are stored in the MyConversations conversation/message tables, and not the original PM table, so that at all times, the original PM table is left untouched by MyConversations. A reverse migration tool is provided though so that if you want to uninstall MyConversations, prior to doing so you can convert all those newer MyConversations conversations into core PMs - at which point the original PM table is affected, but only to add new data, never to remove/alter data.

(2021-04-19, 05:32 PM)HLFadmin Wrote: If there is a usergroup-level limit on PMs, does this affect MyConversations? And how?

No, it doesn't affect MyConversations, which currently does not limit conversation/message counts. The only current restrictions on conversations/messages that MyConversations supports are:
  • A global flood-prevention interval in seconds.
  • A per-usergroup "Can start conversations and conversation groups?" permission, defaulting to "Yes" for all groups except Banned and Awaiting Activation (and Guests, but they can never start conversations anyway).
  • A per-usergroup maximum conversation participants setting, defaulting to 15 for each usergroup.
(2021-04-19, 05:32 PM)HLFadmin Wrote: If I purchased a single license, and intend to deploy it on a testbed forum, can the license be transferred later to the production forum?

Yes. If the testbed forum is not made accessible to the general public, but is only for testing by you and your team/company, then you can even install MyConversations on both, as permitted by the EULA:

Quote:You may, however, additionally install the software on any local or development websites necessary for developing and testing your production website, so long as the software is used on those sites only for development and testing purposes, and not for end-user purposes, where end-users include but are not limited to local, internal, and corporate users.

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