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[For 1.8] MyConversations: a conversation plugin for MyBB
Well, it's running on the production clone.
Interesting that I either changed it back or it was changed in some update, but the test bed went back to STRICT_TRANS_TABLES, and predictably, installing the 1.2.0 plugin failed with the known error. My solution was to change sql_mode to '', complete the installation, and revert back to default sql_mode.

I have not seen any operational SQL problems since.

I'm not sure what this solution is, I suspect there is none. Received some complaints about deleted messages returning as a conversation.

A member has a message limit and deletes old messages to stay within the limit. Deletes and empties trash so message is gone. But recipient has not reached their limit and has not deleted old message. So conversion of old PMs to conversations recreates a one-sided conversation. This is not necessarily a problem, except if a message was deleted intending personal information not be retained in the system.

[edit -- oops. I thought there was a setting for message limit. Maybe not after all.]
[edit again -- it's there in Admin / Groups / Users and Permissions]

One solution is to not convert old PMs, except that messages intended to be kept are no longer available since the old PM system is replaced by Conversations. A permission-based edit/delete capability would be useful in this regard.

The window for feedback from members is still open as to whether or not to install on production forum.

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