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[For 1.8] MyConversations: a conversation plugin for MyBB
MyConversations version 1.2.1 has just been released.

Note that this release fixes a security issue and you should upgrade as soon as possible.

New features and fixes:
  • Security fix: The potential for an SQL injection attack was removed.
  • Bugfix: There was a further potential for error (on top of the fixes in the previous release) when sql_mode included STRICT_TRANS_TABLES.
  • Bugfix: Ensure that deleted messages stay deleted when converting from core PMs to conversations.
  • Bugfix: Ignore deleted messages when converting from conversations to core PMs.
  • Bugfix: The header notification message listed conversation author instead of last poster.
  • Bugfix: Non-search-result conversation listings were ordered incorrectly.
  • Various miscellaneous other fixes and minor code quality improvements.

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