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[For 1.8] MyConversations: a conversation plugin for MyBB
MyConversations version 1.2.3 has just been released.

This is a bugfix and minor feature release. No security issues are involved, so upgrading is not a high priority.

New features and fixes:
  • A bunch of warnings under PHP 8 were resolved. I've tried to be thorough but might have missed some. To the extent that my thoroughness has succeeded, this plugin is now compatible with PHP 8.
  • Bugfixes: There were a couple of issues with exporting conversations, one being that the Date Limitation option wasn't effective (all messages were always exported) and the other being that MyBBEngine was listed as a participant/sender where it shouldn't have been.
  • Bugfix: The prefix "Re: " was always shown for messages in message folders, even for the first message when it ought not to have been.
  • Bugfix: Pagination was broken on group conversation listing pages.
  • Bugfix: An SQL query was selecting non-aggregate columns in a "group by" query, which caused a database error on certain database settings.
  • Bugfix: MyBB Engine messages were not being shown.
  • Bugfix: Sometimes, some messages were mistakenly showing as unread in search results.
  • Bugfix: Attachments weren't being uploaded when the Quick Start button was clicked.
  • Bugfix: There was an SQL error in a query in the function to delete a conversation.
  • The list of group participants in the conversation compose form now auto-updates when a group is selected.
  • Allow non-group-owners to add extra participants to new group conversations even when they do not have the group "add" right.
  • Improved spammer purging.
  • Miscellaneous minor fixes and improvements.

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