MyBB Development Progress in June
(2020-07-02, 05:29 PM)Eldenroot Wrote: Great idea and I really like it, MyBB is open source software so the community should know what happens Smile

Keep good work and I am waiting for another Dev progress thread! Smile

Thank you Smile

(2020-07-02, 05:29 PM)Eldenroot Wrote: Personally, I like GUI improvements so maybe some of these could happen - Smile

We are quite hesitant to include template changes in 1.8 and many will be easier to do in 1.9. It looks like some won't need template changes (eg the Admin CP suggestions). Thank you for the suggestion though Smile

(2020-07-02, 05:38 PM)Johnny98 Wrote: Will 1.8.23 run on php 7.4 without issues?

Yes - we support PHP 5.2 and up in 1.8. MyBB 1.9 will likely not support PHP < 7.3 so you are good for 1.9 when it is released too.

We have even started to make some progress to ensure 1.8 will be able to support the upcoming PHP 8! See the changes here:

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