Not Solved [How To?] Run mybb inside Virtualbox (For 4000-5000 user ++ ?
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hi, its me again Like you know i find How To Transfert mydatabase and all i have test is not working .. maybe is my config maybe i made an error but..

i have think about one Idea if my Host Computer with 8 go ram i install virtualbox and inside virtualbox i install Ubuntu 18.04 (x64 bit ) the same version inside that Virtualbox ubuntu i install nginx , Mysql mariadb ..

and i host My website there do you think All working ?
For A biggest Server like + 5000 user for the moment i dont have 1 user but i want to make A good Board forum and if the host computer is A good computer powerful with 8 go ram ...

normaly all working ?

after if i want to transfert the database (forum ) i just Copy the virtualbox i export to another virtualbox in ubuntu 18.04 same config and Normaly is Suposed To working ?

The only problems is the 10-11 Go is will take to Download and Upload ..

Because the virtual machine take 10 go for ubuntu ... is maybe the Default install . !

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