Not Solved [How To?] Run mybb inside Virtualbox (For 4000-5000 user ++ ?
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(2020-07-17, 10:38 AM)s3_gunzel Wrote: At the outset, this is an awful idea.

Virtualbox is not designed for this workload; it’s designed for a stopgap when you absolutely need to run a virtual machine.

Many residential internet connections would not be able to support 5000 concurrent connections either.

You’d be better off just buying a $5/mo VPS.

yess i will buy a dedicated vps server 1 gbs unmetered for that but i would like to know Virtual box Is working or not For host mybb with a Lot of user like 5000 in the same time ?

why Virtual box Because probably i can use a Vpn to protect the server ?
but probably the vpn Max speed are 100 mbits and For upload i dont know .. is another problems maybe is better to just secure the server inside the vps

and Why virtualbox is because i can probably Copy like explained more easy the Virualmachine and export to re use with the Database inside ..

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