Not Solved [General] MyCode parse error ( [font="droid sans", sans-serif] )
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(2020-09-27, 11:16 AM)nixer55 Wrote: Might be mistaken, but this looks like the issue I posted about back in April.

It definitely seems related, although the issue you posted about seems broader: SCEditor adding extraneous tags, particularly "font" but also "color" and "size".

The more particular issue of this thread is that sometimes those added "font" tags include a comma-separated list of fonts, including at least one font enclosed in double-quote marks. The MyBB parser doesn't handle that situation (the double-quotes within - rather than simply enclosing - the comma-separated list are the problem), and thus it doesn't render the tag but instead displays it literally, making the post less readable.

I've put together a fix in the form of a very simple plugin which replaces those double-quotes with single-quotes prior to MyBB parsing font tags.

If anybody wants to test it, feel free to download the attached file to your inc/plugins directory and then activate the Fix Unrendered Font Tags plugin via the ACP.

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