Not Solved PluginLibrary not completely installing.
Not Solved
All of my plugins have installed and moved from the bottom "inactive" to the top "active" except for the PluginLibrary plugin. I click on it, it comes up and says that the plugin has successfully loaded but it does not move from out of the "inactive" section. I can click on it as many times as I want and it will keep saying it has successfully loaded but never move from "inactive". I'm pretty sure that the plugin has successfully loaded because others which depend on it run with no errors, I just don't like clutter and not moving from the "inactive" section to "active" to someone with ADD is annoying and I would like to see that it has 'completely' finished installing and moved to the "active" section. Any hints? I don't think I can just remove the php file from the 'plugins' folder because it is only one of two files uploaded when installing the plugin.

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PluginLibrary not completely installing. - by sphelps - 2020-09-28, 08:50 PM

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