Not Solved Plugin Uploader (1.2.2) without ftp?
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Working with MyBB (version 1.8.24) on a local server before uploading to a live public-facing server, I tried setting up the Plugin Uploader (version 1.2.2).

Being on a local server, where I'm simply using explorer to copy files and folders over to their intended locations as stated in the readme (and in the description on the plugin's page), upon going into the admin section and hitting "install & activate" results in »link to error screenshot«.

I figure it's simply because there's no ftp connection to close on a local server.
Unfortunately the server that I'll be uploading to also won't be offering FTP... it's one of those servers where uploads are done through some built-in file uploader script, and the server owner isn't likely to make an exception for me.
So, short of selecting another server - which I won't mind doing, provided that the people who I'm setting MyBB up for won't mind either - does anyone know of a "non-ftp" fix?
(I've looked at the code of pluginuploader.php myself too, to see if I might be able to come up with something, but I haven't really made anything serious with PHP since back when it was still PHP 3, so I'd have a lot of catching up to do before I can even make a 21st-century version of "hello world" without copy-pasting somebody elses' work like some 1997 scriptkiddie...)

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