Not Solved [How To?] how do i switch two link with one a class
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<a class="switcher-mode-on hide"><i class="fas fa-moon"title="Open Game Mode">Night Mode</i></a> <a class="switcher-mode-off hide"><i class="fa fa-sun" style="color: darkgreen" title="Close Game Mode">Day Mode</i></a>

This is just creating two icons with separate links...

i want to creat one icon that includes two both of them links and when I will click its change to moon icons to sun icons...

for example (it should be)now the single link appearing as "🌙 night mode"

when i will click to it it will turn to this -->
"☀Day mode"

i just don't want stretch tye header please suggest...

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how do i switch two link with one a class - by PARADOXP - 2020-10-20, 05:56 AM

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