Not Solved Admin CP UI issues
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I just had the same issue pop up sometime between last Monday night (1/11/21) and tonight.  I'm able to change the ACP theme through SQL, so I've been able to confirm that this happens in both the default theme and the one alternative I currently have installed.

Turning on the display of PHP errors so far has not proved enlightening -- or even displayed anything of use. 

Examining the live page code and style sheets with my browser's developer tools reveals that the first cell of every row of every table generated for the page has what appears to be a randomly generated property name that changes every time the page is refreshed, with no contents, and a property called hidden, also empty.  Digging into the style sheet reveals a rule with one hell of a massive location which includes the random property name and the "hidden" property, which explicitly sets display to none for any matching element.  Here's the rule:

:root [lwcy1kt][hidden] {
   display: none !important;

In this snippet, "lwcy1kt" is the random string in the then-current iteration of the config|plugins page.  The corresponding element -- the header for the first column in the "Active Plugins" table --  looks like this:

    <th class=" first" lwcy1kt="" hidden="">Plugin</th>
    <th class="align_center last" colspan="2" width="300">Controls</th>

And you can see the same randomly-generated property there.

Now CSS is far from my strong suit, but the fact that the random string regenerates and is in both places suggests something is doing this deliberately.  Can anyone offer a clue what and why?  And why it only started doing so in the last week?

Thank you!

And today, less than 24 hours later, the problem is gone.  The mystery random and "hidden" properties are no longer appearing in "th" and "td" elements with the " first" class and the rule no longer appears in the style.  I did nothing to make this happen.

I repeat that this seems too... specific to be random breakage.  Something made this happen, and then stopped doing it.  What and why?

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