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Universal Gaming
[Image: ugpromohead.png]
With over a decade's worth of continuous game discussion under our belt, Universal Gaming was Zetaboards' longest running video gaming forum until we restarted on self hosting in 2018. During our time we've strived to offer both a strong sense of community and an ideal environment to discuss everything that gaming has to offer.

[Image: eventspromo.png]
Participate In Our Events
There's plenty of things you can do at Universal Gaming between discussing and playing video games. We host activities such as caption contests, video game scavenger hunts, and more! Throughout the year we also host bigger events that have bigger prizes, such as our Halloween Birthday Bash and Summer Meltdown.

[Image: cardspromo.png]
Collect and Trade Cards
By participating in contests and discussions on our forums, you can earn Universal Gaming Cards to build your virtual collection. Though you can see everyone's collection in our cards catalogue, we also allow you to display your three most treasured cards in your profile for everyone else to see!

[Image: themesad.gif]
Themes, a Store, and So Much More!
Looking to buy something other than Universal Gaming Cards? Our Marketplace allows you to spend your earned XP for perks such as username colours, adding brand new Universal Gaming Cards, adding a game to our banner rotator, and more!
Universal Gaming | Let's Explore Video Games, Together

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