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Trash bin module for soft-deleted content.
There has been much confusion about the purpose of the soft-deleted content.

I think the primary goal for this function was to avoid permanent delete of content, but confused raised by the incorrect implementation of the feature (i.e: quick buttons in posts for soft-deleting instead of quick buttons to unapprove)

As a counterpart to the Moderation Queue ModCP module, I would like to suggest the addition of a Trash Bin module in ModCP that lists all soft-deleted content from all forums (based on permissions), with filtering options and moderation actions to execute upon selected items.

I think this could make it to 1.9, regardless of it being in the first major (1.9.0) version or subsequent minor releases (1.9.1+).

Before deciding if creating a formal issue, please discuss.

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Trash bin module for soft-deleted content. - by Omar G. - 2021-06-16, 07:45 PM

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