How can i auto switch forum according to theme tid?
(2021-07-12, 03:00 PM)WallBB Wrote:
(2021-07-12, 04:56 AM)The pwince Wrote:
(2021-07-12, 03:16 AM)WallBB Wrote: Use the XTheme plugin, it allows you to do this


I have been following all your thread supports and release and i must say that you're genius.

Please my request is that, i need the function to work automatically because i have 2 theme on one mybb forum classifying each theme as my mobile and desktop theme (ps. i dont want to us mybb gomobile plugin)

Yes, I already understand your request, you will need to use the above plugin to allow changing theme using theme id.
By default, you will not be able to redirect your users to a particular theme link.

Now there are multiple ways to redirect your website depending on user agent.

One simple method could be this

if( /Android|iPhone|webOS|iPad|iPod|IEMobile|Opera Mini/i.test(navigator.userAgent) ) {
    window.location = "YOUR_MOBILE_THEME_LINK"; 

Or you can also use Mobile redirection library's that will redirect to your mobile link


Thanks for the code but can you please explain how i can get mybb theme link and also explain the Xtheme plugin like how do i set it up after activating the plugin since i can't find it.

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