Not Solved Validation check on Contact Us page?
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(2021-08-09, 08:12 PM)Omar G. Wrote: What PHP version are you using ? I did test my latest commit in PHP 8 and it worked just fine. I think you will need a tleast PHP 7.0 for this plugin to work properly.

When I go to the MyBB admin page, it says I'm on PHP 5.6.40.

When I go to my web host client portal, then go to Databases, then go to PHP My Admin, it says this:

[*]Database client version: libmysql - 5.6.43
[*]PHP extension: mysqli[Image: dot.gif] curl[Image: dot.gif] mbstring[Image: dot.gif]
[*]PHP version: 7.3.28

What is the difference between these?  Why are these different?

And how do I upgrade PHP?  Do I ask my web host to do that?  They upgraded it to 5.6 a few weeks ago.

Are there any other risks involved?

Should I ask for PHP 7 or PHP 8?

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