Not Solved Validation check on Contact Us page?
Not Solved
(2021-08-10, 08:17 PM)Matt Wrote: Edit your ./inc/config.php and change the value for $config['database']['type'] to mysqli, it's probably set to mysql currently.

Thanks, you were right. I changed it.

And I set it back to PHP 7.4.22 again.

Now I see this on both my main site, and the admin console:


MyBB Internal: One or more warnings occurred. Please contact your administrator for assistance.


I can't find where the warnings are logged.

(2021-08-10, 08:55 PM)Omar G. Wrote: Also read the following:

I'm noticing a few more issues, after the PHP 7.4 upgrade.

1) Posts made via the quick editor appear to hang. But if I open another tab and go to the main page, I see the posts have been submitted.

2) The thread titles remain bold, indicating that I haven't read all the posts in that thread. But I know I have, and I've clicked on those threads repeatedly. They don't go away, they still stay bold.

EDIT: I temporarily switched it back to 5.6. No issues with the above, anymore.

Nor any warnings shown on the main forum page.

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