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(2021-08-12, 06:54 PM)Matt Wrote: Oh, I forgot you said you're on 1.8.12. You need to upgrade, 1.8.12 was released 4 and a half years ago, so your board probably isn't 7.4 compatible, as it was released 2 and a half years after you last upgraded your board. The most recent version of PHP compatible with 1.8.12 is 7.1, you're 4 and a half years out of date.


When I next upgrade my board, I'll also do PHP 7.4 then too.

A few quick questions on upgrading / preparing for upgrading:

1)  Is there a way to schedule a weekly database backup, to a specified directory within my site?

2)  How can I identify which template files have been modified?  From the last few times I did upgrades, I recall things looking a bit off.  I'd then have to spent some time getting them to look correct again.  I don't think I have major template changes, but things just didn't seem to be aligned correctly.

Or, is there an easier way to make sure the template looks correct after I upgrade?  Or a way to copy how it currently looks?

I did upgrades more regularly in 2016 and 2017, and each time, I think this seemed to cause some frustration.

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