Not Solved Error 1366 - Incorrect string value:
Not Solved
(2021-10-11, 12:42 PM)Matt Wrote: Yeah looks like the database prefix was just changed.

Does this happen for everyone? Are you on a live board or local test one? I can't work out what that value is or where it's coming from, but it looks like the server is reporting the IP address incorrectly somehow.

That is what I thought! I said that it looks to be maybe an Ip address issue, (you can see the issue for yourself HERE) when I was talking to tech support on GoDaddy (for over an hour) but he said it couldn't be everything looks good on there end and they said the server is live as all my websites work and all its current databases for wordpress work just fine.

All this happened via their cpanel as your software is up to data and apart of panels "Installedron" as they call it (a free application directory to install via the panel to get one started) this is where I installed it from the first time.

Them I tried manual and it would go thought the first few steps and it stopped at “database config”. and said that ether the password, username or database does not work are you sure its correct (Something along that line)?. Even if I’ve manually created the database for MySQL (with all the details required) and field out spot on?

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