Not Solved 1827 - cannot attach attachements
Not Solved
hello there,

i tried to update from 1.8.26 to 1.8.27 and now cannot attach any file to the message ... so i reverted back to 26 and started "test" forum for 27 to play with.
i found that this functionality has been reworked ( ) and need to change theme. well, the question is what and where? yes i made my own theme from scratch so dunno where make any change in order to have this working ...

my "prod" forum running v26 is here
and "test" forum running v27 is here

when i run default theme on v27 it works while when my own it does not ... i did "Find Updated Templates" but still the same ...


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1827 - cannot attach attachements - by cyberreality - 2021-10-11, 01:34 PM
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