Roundo (FREE) - A New Modern Look for MyBB
(2021-10-18, 11:03 PM)Laird Wrote: Waleed, I am very worried for you. After all, most folk adopt a theme to be unique, but since your theme is so excellent, *everybody* is going to be adopting it, and nobody will be unique anymore. I hope that you have a strategy to deal with this terrible situation.

Lol. I'll think about creating theme variants based off Roundo for different type of forums Roundo Dark, Roundo Gaming, Roundo Marketplace, etc.

Any estimate when we'll officially move over to 1.9? I was told current themes wont be compatible with 1.9, is that true? If that's true and we're moving over soon I might release Roundo and resume creating themes later once 1.9 releases.
Name's Waleed, I'm a graphic and web design (2015) graduate from Canada. Self-employed and lending my design skills to the MyBB community.

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