Roundo (FREE) - A New Modern Look for MyBB
(2021-10-31, 01:21 PM)PARADOXP Wrote: Omg ! it's so smooth and about look ; can't say anything it's outstanding. I am eagerly waiting for this theme to release here.... Smile

Thanks. If this is the case I'll do the last touch ups and release it in the coming days.

(2021-10-31, 08:53 AM)Wazzyl Wrote:
(2021-10-31, 07:34 AM)Waleed B. Wrote: Hey everyone. The demo is now live on my portfolio site. Please reply with any feedback, suggestions, etc.

The demo looks good, I´ve been checking it, the thing I miss is what about a darker theme? the theme is white and a bit too sharp! I actually love it somehow.

I am more of the classic guy that wants to see how a forum looks like and this design is something new, fresh, looks easy to install, great job on it, the thing I miss is the information about posts in the postbit. on and all you did a great job on this!

So my entire goal with is to release free or low-cost designs and resources. I will be working on a dark theme based on Roundo, this is mentioned at the bottom of my homepage at

[Image: 91592e14b4b1c5683520ca81bf938d68.png]
Name's Waleed, I'm a graphic and web design (2015) graduate from Canada. Self-employed and lending my design skills to the MyBB community.

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