Discuss: Introducing the New MyBB Mods Website
Please discuss Introducing the New MyBB Mods Website here.
What happened to the forum for the mods site?
EDIT: Never mind.
Anyway, looks good.
Another edit:
theirs an error:
They've been merged in to the forums here - please see the new "MyBB Mods" category.
Looks great however, theirs a few errors; all the statistic links have problems.
I'm working on the statistics pages now.
I can not login to new part of the site


I use same password as here and says invalid
Finally. Smile

I will be uploading more of my plugins to the site now.

btw...seems like the apostraphe is escaped in the descriptions. Someone forget to remove slashes?


Looks great and LOGIN works for me no problem.

I see a new theme demonstration...how does one get their theme added?
Kinda off topic, but maybe it has something to do with the "merge", i've got like old ( 4th April '07 ) PM's in my inbox that arent mine =P or at least i don't remember them =D
Well done. Wink
[Image: destroyerjf8.jpg]

Give us your feedback about MyBB in this thread and become listed on the MyBB website.

Oh noes! I broke it! Someone fix the MySQL error!

Oh, and clicking the home tab on the mods site, (Home tab, as in the link to the very left side in the Home About Downloads etc... row leads to the mods home.. Why not make it lead to the actual MyBB homepage?

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