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Serbian Language Pack for MyBB 1.8.33
Serbian language pack for MyBulletinBoard

Last revision: 09th Jan, 2023, for MyBB 1.8.33

This thread contains the latest available information regarding the Serbian language pack for MyBulletinBoard.

MyBulletinBoard is, thanks to many volunteers, available in a broad selection of languages. This also includes the Serbian language: this way you can display your copy of MyBulletinBoard completely in the Serbian language. This may aid visitors of your bulletin board, who might not always have a good understanding of the English language, in understanding the offered content.

The Serbian language pack is mainly made by vojislavradoja

Where and how?
The Serbian language pack can be downloaded at Serbian language pack page .

When you downloaded the file you will have to extract it in order to be able to view the content. The latest versions of Windows have a built-in utility for that. If this is not available to you then you could use a decompression utility such as 7-Zip. As soon as you have extracted the archived files a Serbian and an English readme file will be present. You can find more information about installing the Serbian language pack and further information in that file.

And then?
In the aforementioned readme file you will find all information required to make using the Serbian language as easy as possible for both you and the members of your bulletin board. As soon as the language pack has been installed and is working properly you will have nothing left to do.

And still...
Although you do not have to do anything anymore, there is a chance that you would like to give your opinion, report errors or contact the translators for another reason. That is possible. You can post all that and more to vojislavradoja here.
Let us know what is on your mind: your help will aid us in providing an even better translation!

    Voyislav Radoya
    Serbian Translator

P.S. За колегу MaliRadojica направили смо и "sh" превод, како не би морао да се мучи око пребацивања у латиницу. Жалосно је што је мислио да ће нас тако спречити у објављивању српског (ћириличног) превода. Пошто су провокације долазиле приватном поруком у паузи између јавних, то ће бити специјално обавештен на приватну поруку. А овај пут ће моћи и да види, не само пробну, већ и дефинитивну верзију превода на форуму нашег студентског сајта. Срамота!
Prevod za najnoviju verziju foruma je u nekoj od mojih novijih poruka. >>link<<

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