Ignore me now, fixed it, silly copy and paste mistake eeeek how embarrassing.
Can anyone help me?
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coldfirezz Wrote:Can anyone help me?

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Clear your cookies from your browser and try again.
Dennis Tsang
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mybbfan19 Wrote:I can't logaut in

Have you tried the template changes in the second post of this thread?
Dennis Tsang
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fixed it already,i use mybb v1.2.12
simply follow the second post in this topic.

Thank you very much Toungue

I have bridged coppermine 1.4.16 and mybb 1.2.12

I have posted this issue on the coppermine board and my post was moved to the their bugs forum.

I have followed these instructions: If you are using MyBB 1.2.8 or later (already have &sid=xxxx in URL)

And now mybb logout works perfectly... thank you. However, now that I have changed this code, I am not being logged out correctly when I logout in my coppermine gallery. As this logout key redirects me back to mybb.

My question : Can someone help me with the code that is in mybb coppermine logout ?

This was original code:
$this->redirect('/member.php?action=logout&uid=' . USER_ID . '&sid=' . $this->sid);

And this is where I am now: (which returns me to mybb error page because its missing the logoutkey)
$this->redirect('/member.php?action=logout&uid=' . USER_ID . '&logoutkey=' . $this->logoutkey);

Forum install: removed
Coppermine version: cpg1.4.16
Forum version: mybb 1.2.12
Test user account: question / question

Problem has been solved Here
Does it work if you leave it as sid?
Dennis Tsang
Former MyBB Team Member
DennisTT Wrote:Does it work if you leave it as sid?

No, when I have this code:
$this->redirect('/member.php?action=logout&uid=' . USER_ID . '&sid=' . $this->sid);

It will return from coppermine to mybb with this logout: (with error "malicious Javascript")

when I continue to logout in mybb:

So, if I understand this correctly, it appears that the code I am working with is bringing back the coppermine logout key which won't work...and also, since we changed some code in our mybb template, I will need to change some code to include the "logoutkey" and not the "sid"?

Please don't let me confuse the topic, my coding skills are extremely weak. Could we just go back to the 80's and work with binary/hex... maybe a little MOV, JNZ and CALL some subroutines ? All these words and brackets are killing me !

I understand your position and mine. You don't need to waste your time with another programs flaws (and maybe mybb). Coppermine initiated the bridge, which is great, we all get to log in on the mybb page and control all our users from here. On the other hand, I'm stuck in the middle. I think "Nibbler" may be a good guy over at I hope to work with him a little also...

Two great programs, merging together... it's a headache, but it's a good thing.

Thanks for where we are,
There's a bug in 1.2.12's code preventing the sid from working. This file can fix that:

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I am new to this forum and I too am unable to log out. I looked at the code and the changes suggested are already there but I still cant log out

the board is located
I tried the new member.php file and i still can't log out what am i doing wrong?

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