Not Solved Inventory Shop 1.1.0 Final Released!
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Here it is... I've finally marked this as stable enough for normal use.

There aren't many changes in this version, in fact, there are very minimal code changes and no template changes.

So, I won't bore you with details, just the normal stuff. Toungue

All upgrade information is in the next post.

You can download the Shop here:

Or here:
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Changes In 1.1.0
  • Fixed bug with old development code causing Money Count to set to 0 when changing user information.
  • Fixed missing Language Variable in Admin CP Menu

Users currently running 1.1.0 Release Candidate 2 can upgrade using the attached Patch File.

No templates were changed in this version. (Yay! Big Grin)

Also, I'd like to state that support here at MyBB will be very limited unfortunately... my time is very limited as of late.

Therefor, while I will still try my best to support everyone, priority support will be provided mainly at my site, Evolution-X


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For some reason, it's *only* wanting to show the Weapon language string, even though some of those other ones already exist in the lang file (as well as some other ones I already added).

If it helps at all, I'm getting to show up by doing the post(itemnamehere) in the HP/MP/EXP iplogged edit I did earlier (that one you helped me out with), because I want it aligned w/ those stats.

And yes, this is 1.1.0 Final on the server. Wink
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{$post['itemnamehere']} will call the item. You should really try and use the postbit_author_user template instead of other plugins.

Since you're website is English Only, you can use just regular words until I get 1.2 completed with the new language system.

Sorry. >_<
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EDIT: *kicks self*

I inserted the Weapon text for the heading --- it wasn't tied to post function at all. Five hours of sleep can screw with one's mind, I guess. Toungue
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I have still the problem with the position of bought Items under the HP/MP/EXP-Mod.

1. At the moment the Items are shown righty under the Status-Bars - it is possible to change the position between the Avatar and above the HP/MP/EXO-Mod?

2. Items are shown as ": Heavy Armor". Is it possible to show it in the way like "Amor: Heavy Armor"?

greets and thx! Smile
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1. Show me a thread on your website.

2. Did you change any of the default shops?
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Thx for your fast answer! Smile

Ryan Ashbrook Wrote:1. Show me a thread on your website.

2. Did you change any of the default shops?


2. Hm... yes, I think all of them. ^^ Will this cause these problems?
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cool, thanks man
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Great idea to supplement the points system.
I would dearly like to implement this on my educational website.
Unfortunately, I get this error emssage, incomprehensible to me, when I try to activate the shop plugin.

Quote:MySQL error: 1060
Duplicate column name 'money'
Query: ALTER TABLE mybb_users ADD money INT( 10 ) NOT NULL DEFAULT '150' AFTER postnum;

Thanks fo rany help you can offer. I really have no idea when it comes to database issues.

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