[Discuss] MyBB 1.2.11 Released - IMPORTANT Security Update
Yep, I patched from 1.2.10
At first I made the modifications manually. Then the problem occurred. So, I thought maybe I modified something wrongly. I uploaded the files provided, but still no go.

Another thing to note, everyone within my home network seems to be able to access the site fine. We can browse it, ctrl+f5 refresh it, use a proxy supplied by my ISP to view it... But others don't seem to be able to do so. Anonymouse gives me a negative result as well. Perhaps you could try and see if you get a blank page - http://www.jobforums.org/

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RE: [Discuss] MyBB 1.2.11 Released - IMPORTANT Security Update - by alt3rn4tiv3 - 2008-01-08, 03:58 PM

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